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The Friedhof building is currently celebrating its centennial anniversary! This building boasts historic beauty around every corner, and has been maintained to retain its classic, and original charm. Theodore Friedhof, the buildings’ namesake, constructed the structure to serve Columbus as a dry goods retailer in 1918. The craft of architecture and carpentry in construction during that particular era was bar none the best in quality, and style. The renovation and restoration of this space was performed with care to pay homage to the integrity of the style with this particular vintage of building.

In its restoration, the building accommodates many varieties of events. The spacious floor plan with high ceilings, ensures that even at the attendance of 275 guests, not a single person could feel claustrophobic. However, the most unique characteristics of this space, is that even though it can accommodate a large number of people, it also has the ability to entertain smaller groups in different pockets and corners of the building. This is achieved by utilizing the Memories Lounge, Brickside Patio, and Oakroom main room or upper mezzanine. We are also proud to offer large, fully-accessible modern restrooms and entry for ALL of your guests.

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